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Welcome  to
the "magic" of 
Life coaching

Life Coaching is a chance to be heard, to be deeply listend to & supported. It is a chance to build skills and habits to support your wellness, your happiness and your life. It is a chance to get clarity and make plans to move you forward. MY brand of life coaching is a chance to connect your mind and body and learn to live in an embodied way. Ultimately, this means you get to FEEL ALIGNED with who you are and live as your most AUTHENTIC SELF. Come join me!! I'll make it fun, I promise :)


Jumpstart Session

 Not sure if  you're ready for coaching

and just want to dip your toe into the water? No problem.


Ignite your excitement with this complimentary mini-session & consult.

Image by Jingda Chen

From Knots   to Butterflies
Are you ready for transformation? Are you ready to emerge from day-to-day surviving to
really thriving?? 

Then this 
5-month container is perfect for you!

My signature five-step program is proven to get you results so you can take flight from your cocoon as your authentic self. 
5 month program 


      3 Session    extension

Do you already feel fully resourced and comfortable in your skin? 


Are you currently facing a challenging decision or issue?

Then this client-driven option is the perfect opportunity to receive

support and clarity. 

3 sessions


Teen Positivity    Package

Do you have a teen who struggles with self-confidence?  Do they tend to focus on the negative and overlook all of the amazing potential you see??


Then this special, 2-month private coaching  container is perfect for them!! 

I'll help them learn the life skills they need to shift their mindset and embrace all of the awesomeness they have to offer to this world. 

2 month program

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