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Building happy, confident & resilient Teens


Do you have a teenager who struggles to fit in?


Maybe they are too weird or quirky for the 'regular teen' population?


Maybe they just don't care about all the crap that kids their age are caring about? Either way- it's a lonely life for them isn't it?


If you'd like to help but don't know how to do it yourself, this program is for you!


What's included in the price?

  • 10x 1.5 hour workshop sessions that teach social-emotional learning skills

  • A safe space for your child to share experiences & learning with a group of teens in a similar lonely boat

  • Access to email contact with me between sessions (for you and your teen).

  • Access to a closed-group online forum for the teens to communicate between sessions.  

  • A personalized multi-page report identifying your teen's top 5 strengths with tips on how to develop them further

  • Access to a variety of phone apps to help entrench healthy habits 

What your teenager will gain:

  • Better communication skills

  • Better emotional regulation

  • Better ability to be resilient and cope with life's difficulties

  • Better understanding of their unique set of strengths

  • Better ability to be self-reflective 

  • Healthier habits 

  • New social connections outside of their school 

  • More confidence, more hope & more happiness

What you will get as a parent?

  • A happier person in your home

  • Lowered stress within your family

  • A new relationship with your teen

  • The knowledge that your teen has the skills to thrive in this world

NOTE: this program is NOT right for everyone. Your child must have a willingness to show up & participate. Real change cannot be forced onto anyone. If within the first 5 sessions it turns out that the course is not the right for you & your family, I am happy to reimburse your investment on a pro-rated basis.


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(*1st sessions runs 2 hours long)