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Let's work together...

From Knots to Butterflies


In this intimate 5-month container, we’ll spend 10 biweekly sessions working together through my signature five-step program that encourages your emergence into the person you were born to be. 

5 month program 


3 Session Bundle


If you already feel confident, but have a challenging decision or issue ahead of you, this three-session package is the perfect opportunity to receive support and clarity. 


3 sessions



Teen Positivity    Package

This special, 2-month private coaching container is specifically designed for teens — and helps them cultivate the confidence, self-trust, and positive mindset needed to build a life they love.

2 month program



Still have questions? 

 Not sure if I’m the right coach for you, and just want to dip your toe into the water? No problem. 

This is a chance to ignite your excitement, talk through what’s on your mind, and come away with some clarity. I would love to meet you, and answer anything you’re wondering about, for free!

You're also welcome to send me an email, at:

Image by Jingda Chen
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