What people are saying...


Artist & teacher

Christianne, I couldn’t have done it without you! You really helped bolster my confidence and pushed me to move past my paralyzing fears.


Thanks to your coaching I was able to come up with a plan of action and execute it. You empowered me to have a difficult conversation with my boss, ask for what I needed and succeed in actually getting it!


Retired teacher

Christianne has been my Coach for the past year and , above all, I would say that she is gracious.


I always feel at ease when talking to her. Her gentle demeanour puts my discomfort to rest. 


She is insightful - she can quickly identify my feelings by the tone of my voice.

She is persistent - she can gently redirect me when I get off track.

She is kind & supportive - I always feel that I am perfect just the way I am.


She recognizes my strengths and directs her coaching to my personal style and preferences.


She makes me feel as if my needs are the most important.

Image by Hunters Race


London Drugs executive

had the excellent good fortune to meet with Christianne two times to help me prepare for a difficult conversation at work.


I had felt overwhelmed by work pressures and was having feelings of self doubt.


Christianne patiently listened to me and helped me better understand the core points I wanted to communicate so I could re-frame my message.  

Because of her strategic coaching, I was able to feel more centered and calmly deliver key messages to my COO.


Thank you Christianne. You are an awesome coach. 


Engineering Support

Group Leader

“The performance reviews for the past 12 months show that the coaching sessions were an unqualified success. Many were skeptical of the idea altogether but reluctantly agreed to participate- in the end they were all converted! They felt heard and equally importantly, they felt we achieved concrete results: understanding priorities and meeting once a month or as often as required to discuss these priorities. Kudos to you for your pleasant but not flaky approach (we are after all square headed engineers and technicians!). Through your good rapport we achieved good things. Thank you Christianne!”


Retired teacher

Christianne and her coaching have made the most significant positive impacts on me, as a person and on my life.


I first went to Christianne for help adjusting to my approaching retirement and the frustrations I felt from my medical leave.


Her long-term coaching has taken me from a place of not knowing what’s next and how to navigate it, to a place of confidence with the tools to deal with whatever life has in store. Her empathy, understanding, knowledge and tremendous skills have left me happy and truly fulfilled.


I have never felt better about myself, my life and where I’m going. She “heals you forward”!


Team Leader

“ Christianne’s coaching provided me with the ability to develop real life strategies to deal with issues which created anxiety for me. She offered open communication, rich self reflection & learning. She helped me move FORWARD in life with more clarity & conviction.”