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Coaching vs. Counselling?

While traditional psychology diagnoses mental health issues and heals wounds from your past, Coaching is about your concerns of today and your goals of tomorrow.  Based in the theory of positive psychology, Coaching aims to build upon the good that already exists, rather than fix what may be broken. It’s about honouring what works and finding ways to live your best life. 


While both are forms of support for personal growth, coaching is more of a spring board so you can jump higher. It is about making changes and taking action to move you forward to the future you want.


In essence, Coaching takes you from knowing to doing and from functional to exceptional. 



Cope with stress/anxiety

Reframe perspectives

Transition to new phases of life

Shift stagnant patterns

Gain greater self-awareness

Gain confidence 

Find clarity & make decisions

Improve communication

Enhance overall well-being

Make a plan and take action

Break down big ideas into smaller manageable steps


Improvements experienced by people who worked with a coach... 

Studies conducted by the ICF-(International Coaching Federation)

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