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3 hours  - $400 - virtual sessions

3 session "tune-up"
To help you find clarity, confidence and ease!

You already know who you are.

You know your strengths and the gifts you offer the world.

But there’s just that one little issue that’s preventing you from stepping boldly forward into the next chapter of your life.

That fork in the road has got you feeling stuck!












a fork in the road

Maybe it’s a decision you can’t seem to get clarity on, and you’re spending your precious mental energy trying to decide what’s best for you.

Maybe you’re at a junction in your career, and aren’t sure what work will make you feel the most fulfilled.

Maybe an important relationship feels challenging, or a dynamic has been disrupted.


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Please note, if you decide you want to book into my larger package for longer-term support, the amount paid for your three sessions can be rolled into that fee. Alternatively, if you feel you're not benefitting from your sessions, your prorated reimbursement is guaranteed.

These are all wonderful opportunities to work one-on-one with me as your coach, to gain clarity, purpose, and momentum

During just three powerful one-on-one sessions, we’ll use a blend of ancient mindfulness practices, leading-edge psychology, and meaningful inquiry to help you clear the confusion and discover what you truly desire.


Together, we’ll tap into your inherent strengths, so you can leverage them for success.

We’ll equip you with the skills and strategies you need to confidently take action toward the life you truly want.


And we’ll draw you an easy-to-read roadmap for you to follow through challenges, so you can arrive at a place that feels fulfilling and exciting.

You’ll come away from our time together feeling empowered to make lasting changes, and trusting yourself fully.

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