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Group Workshops

As a former teacher, I am most comfortable when engaging with groups in a rich learning environment. (It feels as natural as breathing :)
And I love sharing what I'm most passionate about with the world:
the importance of connecting to our bodies so that we can feel more at peace & live in alignment with ourselves. 

Can you imagine a world where everyone did that??

A place with less anxiety, less burnout, more connection with ourselves AND with others, more authenticity, and more ease.....

A place where leaders lead with vision & integrity and their teams felt empowered and connected...

I wanna live there!! 

So invite me in!!
Let me share this message and these practical strategies with your group so that you can be part of this ripple effect.
I'll make it feel fun & easy- I promise!

Bring a wellness workshop to you and your crew. 

Personalized times & topics available for your group's needs. (workplace teams, whole staff learning & development, or private events :) 

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