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If you are feeling stuck at a crossroads in life and are ready to EVOLVE into the next better version of yourself, this personal transformation journey is for you!

In this 6 month container I will help you  unravel those knots of anxiety and grow those exciting butterfly wings.

If you are already comfortable with your wings but you could use a little help determining which direction to fly -this "3 session tune-up" if for you!

EVERYONE benefits from extra support in their lives and this is your chance to get an unbiased lens on whatever is weighing on your mind or heart.

Teen mindset makeover

If you have a teen who can't seem to see the bright side of anything, who struggles to see their own potential and just can't find where they fit- then this package is for THEM!

I can teach them the tools needed to find their inner calm AND their inner sparkle. And as a former high school teacher & lover of teenagers - I've got you!!

Live Life with purpose
-group program-

If 1-1 coaching feels intimidating but you also function better with external accountability, then maybe this online group program is  for you?!


- 5 self-paced modules

-6 LIVE coaching sessions

- engaging breakout rooms with peers

- extended learning in private FB group 

- meaningful connection & support to meet you where you're at

This is offered 2x a year- so read more and be sure to get on the waitlist

"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty."


- Maya Angelou

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