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About Me

I’m a Transitions Coach, meaning I walk with people like you through pivotal and powerful seasons of change.

I was a secondary school teacher for 15 years — and I still carry the same passion for supporting people in seeing their full potential, and helping them create the roadmap to realizing it.


My coaching practice is gentle and lighthearted, and I believe there’s room for laughter even in the deeply challenging moments. In our work together, I blend modern neuroscience, ancient mindfulness practices, and inspired guidance to help you create lasting mindset changes and perspective shifts.


The solutions I offer are hands-on and grounded in the real world — so that you can start taking action from an energized sense of purpose, and experiencing incredible changes as a result.

ICF Certified Professional Coach

B.A., B.Ed., C.O.C.

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I walk with you, side by side, as you cultivate the confidence, clarity, and sense of personal power to envision the life you truly desire — even if you’re not even sure what that looks like now! In our work together, you’ll have the space, sounding board and resources to imagine new possibilities — and then, together, we map out how to bring them to life.


In my role as your coach, I help you see the emotional and mental obstacles that were previously in your blind spots, and I show up as an attentive and encouraging guide as we dissolve them together.


We’ll tap into your innate strengths and how to use them. We’ll create healthy and sustainable habits — this is where the rubber meets the road! — so that you can break those newly-polished big dreams into small, manageable steps and see powerful progress. 


I’m so excited to see you step out of the clouds of confusion, and into a whole new approach to the world — one that reflects who you are truly are and your purpose in this life.


Want to see if we’re a great fit? 


I’d love to meet for a 45-minute Jumpstart Session — it’s completely free. You’ll get to experience my coaching style, and come away with some fresh new insights — with no pressure to continue if it doesn’t feel right.

One of the tools I use is the Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment: it’s a world-renowned way to zone in on your innate gifts, natural advantages, and the ways that you’re built to shine. 


Here’s a peek at my own results from the Gallup Strengths Finder!


Individualization: I naturally avoid generalizations, and easily see what is unique and special about individual people. This means it feels easy for me to understand someone’s motivations and gifts.


Strategic: I’m great at seeing through clutter and complexity to find innovative ways forward, and I can find the clearest path around an obstacle. 


Empathy: I’ve always been empathic by nature! I can intuitively feel into other people’s perspectives and emotions. I can understand and help you voice even the most complex feelings.


Developer: I easily see the full potential in others, and I’m passionate about helping people realize theirs. I can see the growth that happens in each little step toward success.


Connectedness: I believe that everything is connected, and everything has meaning. I believe that even our challenges are an important part of our unfolding.


These strengths are some of the things that (in my humble opinion!) make me a fantastic coach. Helping people find and utilize their own inherent strengths isn’t just my profession — it’s my passion and my purpose.

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Here are    some fun facts about me...

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