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About Me

I’m a Transitions Coach,  walking alongside people
just like you through pivotal seasons of change.

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ICF Certified Professional Coach

B.A., B.Ed., C.O.C., C.E.C.

I was a secondary school teacher for 16+ years — and I still carry the same passion for supporting people to see their full potential, and helping them create the roadmap to realizing it.


My coaching practice is gentle and lighthearted, and I believe there’s room for laughter even in the deeply challenging moments.


In our work together, I blend modern neuroscience, ancient mindfulness practices, somatic intelligence and inspired guidance to help you create lasting changes.


The solutions I offer are hands-on and grounded in the real world — so that you can start taking action from an energized sense of purpose, and experiencing incredible changes as a result.

Ultimately, we widen your self-awareness, undo old embodied patterns, and retrain your brain so that you can be in the driver's seat of life. 

In my role as your coach, I help you see the mindset AND embodied obstacles that were previously in your blind spots, and I show up as an attentive and encouraging guide as we dissolve them together.

But what the heck does EMBODIED mean?

Embodied referes to the physical body of YOU. It includes your habitual way of walking, talking & moving through life, your sensory experiences and your overall presence. 


It is about knowing WHO you are and HOW you are.

It also includes understanding how you, your words & your embodiment impacts others. 

In a nutshell, it is about being PRESENT. Because the only way to be in the NOW is to be IN your body

So what can you expect?

I walk with you, side by side, as you cultivate the confidence, clarity, and sense of personal power to envision the life you truly desire — even if you’re not even sure what that looks like now! In our work together, you’ll have the space, sounding board and resources to imagine new possibilities — and then, together, we map out how to bring them to life.

We’ll tap into your innate strengths and how to use them. We’ll create healthy and sustainable habits — this is where the rubber meets the road! — so that you can break those newly-polished big dreams into small, manageable steps and see powerful progress. 


I’m so excited to see you step out of the clouds of confusion, and into a whole new way of BEING — one that reflects who you are truly are and your purpose in this life.


Want to see if we’re a great fit? 


I’d love to meet for a 45-minute Jumpstart Session — it’s completely free. You’ll get to experience my coaching style, and come away with some fresh new insights — with no pressure to continue if it doesn’t feel right.

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Some more   fun facts about me...



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One of the tools I use is the Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment: it’s a world-renowned way to zone in on your innate gifts, natural advantages, and the ways that you’re built to shine. 


Here’s a peek at my own results from the Gallup Strengths Finder!

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