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RECALIM YOURSELF: Identify, maintain & embody healthy boundaries as a radical form of SELF LOVE that supports you and your needs too.

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So often we spend our lives looking after the needs of others that we forget to come back and pay attention to our own needs too. Perhaps you have forgotten them along the way? Perhaps you never learned how to do this from the start? Or maybe you were even taught that it was WRONG?! In this self-paced course you will progress through 4 different phases to help you learn how to set AND maintain healthy boundaries. 1. Awareness building 2. Retraining your brain 3. Retraining your body 4. Protecting your energy In each phase, you will be guided through 3-4 short recorded videos with accompanying workbook pages to help you reflect and apply the learning to your life. This HOLISTIC approach to boundaries helps you understand what your needs & boundaries actually are, what patterns are at play when they get pushed, and how to live & embody a new healthier way of being. In the end, you will have the tools to identify and UPDATE YOUR MIND + BODY PATTERNS so that you can make the changes you need to BECOME A STRONGER, MORE CONFIDENT VERSION OF YOU. Ultimately, you will learn how to nurture your own needs and make space for your most AUTHENTIC self to bloom. In this course you can expect to: - gain deep self-awareness - learn how embodiment is an extension of your thoughts & emotions - learn 2 tools to make changes to your mindset - learn 3 exercises to expand your embodied range (low impact for all body types & needs) - learn 2 strategies to protect your energy (emotional capacity) - develop an action plan to implement these changes to your life

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