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Uncovering my personal strengths

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If you struggle to identify what your 'secret sauce' in life is, then you need this program! Delve into your Gallup StrengthFinder results and learn how to leverage them in your daily life. The more you live IN your strengths- the STRONGER you will feel. Understand what makes you uniquely awesome AND know how to tap into it when you need it. So many people take quizes, read the results once and then shelf them without giving them much more thought- but then you're missing out on all the magic. With my 7 video series, you will learn how to APPLY your strengths to your daily life. Uncover what blocks you may have put in your own way, learn how to better EMBODY your strengths and be able to lean on them in a variety of situations. Included in this course: - an assessment code for your TOP 5 STRENGTHS - a 10 page personalize print-out of your TOP 5 - PDF resources to compliment your results. - 7 recorded video trainings with guided workbook exercises - A unique combination of MIND + BODY ways to apply your strengths - MUCH deeper self-awareness, more confidence and higher personal satisfaction overall

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