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at any stage in life
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Lifting Families Up

  Helping children 10years+ and their families:

  • Develop a more positive mindset.

  • Cope with anxiety.

  • Gain self-confidence.

  • Become more resilient.

Launching Millennials

  • Uncover what makes you uniquely you.

  • Learn to trust yourself.

  • Learn how to make your strengths work for you.

  • Form new healthy habits to become the person you WANT to be.

  • Create a life that is true to you.

Sailing Through Life's Transitions 

  • Discover new direction and purpose.

  • Envision new possibilities.

  • Find new ways to use your unique strengths

  • Break down big dreams into manageable next steps

  • Embrace your new stage in life.

ICF Certified Professional Coach
B.A., B.ed, C.O.C.

Hello everyone, my name is Christianne Zurowski, and I've been helping people transition through different life stages for my whole adult life: since 2003 as a secondary teacher and since 2018 as a Professional Coach. I bring the richness of my 16 year career as a teacher to my Internationally Certified (ICF) training as a Professional Coach. I am a trauma-informed professional with strong roots in mindfulness practice, neuroscience and positive psychology.


What I've noticed is that my most powerful strength is developing people: empowering people to live in their strengths, to own who they are and to live their best life - at all stages of life.

​I am passionate about sharing practical strategies to improve quality of life- starting with ways to better manage stress and anxiety. I teach people to learn to listen to the messages their body sends so they can learn to better trust themselves. ​My ultimate goal is to help put a stop to those "shoulds" of the world that distract you from what you really want so that you can create a life that is true to YOU. 

Together, I will help you begin

your Next Chapter.


Logo - clear background.png

"Loosen the Knot" - Stress Better How to manage your stress in just 5 easy steps?

Does 2020 have you feeling stuck, trapped, overwhelmed and/or overly reactive?  

Do your emotions seem to be attacking out of nowhere,  filling your chest with sweat-inducing flutters or tying your stomach into 100 knots?


Does doubt stop you in your tracks and hold you from taking action? Or perhaps it causes sleepless nights and heightened anxiety?


Then it’s time to take some control back!


In under an hour you will learn how to identify your triggers so you can better navigate these big feelings. By the end of our call you will walk away with a transferable, fool-proof skill you can use to calm you in any situation.  


How it works?  

  • Complete a 3 minute online questionnaire.

  • Hop on the phone for a 45 minute call with me. 

  • Learn how to notice and identify your own personal triggers before they grip you.

  • Learn a fool-proof 5 minute mindfulness strategy to use in any situation. 

  • Learn how to track your observations going forward so you can gain control of your reactions.

  • Experience the power of working with a Coach first-hand. 


So why hire me?

Hire me because I am an ICF (International Coaching Federation) Certified Coach, a former-teacher and a mom with almost 2 decades of professional experience as a Developer of people.  Work with me because I strive to see the uniqueness in and interconnectedness between individuals. Choose me because I am extremely empathic and I understand how this can be both a blessing & a curse. Trust me because I am strategic; I zoom out and see the bigger picture of situations, yet I have a keen eye for how the little puzzle pieces fit together to complete the larger more beautiful whole.


These are my top 5 personal strengths. Their combination makes me uniquely me and I am committed to living them in my personal and professional life. In fact, they are exactly what drew me to teaching AND what make me perfectly suited to being a professional coach.

If learning more about your personal strengths and how to develop them to create your own BEST life interests you, I invite you to check out my signature personal transformation program- "From Knots to Butterflies".

''We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty''


- Maya Angelou


"Christianne is insightful, focused, growth driven and positive.

She recognizes my strengths and directs her coaching to my personal style and preferences.

After a year of biweekly sessions, my favourite part of the coaching experience is always leaving with a sense of direction:  an attainable goal for the week(s) ahead.


What once seemed monumental, is broken down into smaller more manageable pieces. ​

I am now comfortable taking small steps towards an end point rather than worrying about reaching it.

I feel like I have an ally in life who is willing to walk alongside me."


-CJP, retired teacher