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Do you crave more direction, more clarity & more confidence?

I can help!

Rise Up!  Expand! Become!
BE authentically YOU
at any stage in life!

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I'm a Transitions coach

I'm a Transitions coach

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Hi! My name is Christianne.
As your life coach, my role is to guide you while you discover what you want your life to look like. I help you learn how to understand and follow your inner compass so you feel satisfied with where you are, and excited about the direction are going.

It’s time to move into a new chapter of your life — one in which you have the clarity, confidence, and ease to move through life as the person you were meant to be. One in which you feel completely aligned and authentically YOU.  Ready?
I’m so glad you’re here!

Navigating in Woods

Are you feeling like your inner compass is broken?


Like its arrow is spinning aimlessly, not directing you toward any specific direction?


Like the opinions of your parents, your friends, your partner, and society all keep moving the needle off course?

Imagine what it could feel like if we finally ditched all those "shoulds"?

Consider my coaching the repair shop. 


I'll teach you practical tools and habits to connect with your inner guidance system,

so you'll finally be able to quiet the noise & listen to all that wisdom inside you. 

With these new skills, you will move out of the crossroads that has

held you in place and  

you will feel more confident, more clear & more at ease

as you move forward into your exciting next chapter.

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Do you find yourself envying those people who seem to breeze through life — confident, optimistic, sure of themselves?


If so, I have good news.


That freedom is available to you, too. 

By accepting support and encouragement, you can understand who you truly are, and take action toward a gratifying life.


And the result? 


A sense of direction — knowing exactly who you are and who you WANT to  be, so you can step into your rightful role in the world.



Better relationships — because knowing yourself opens you up to deeper more meaningful & more honest  connections.


 And a lot more joy — because once you release all of those external pressures, your heart is free to choose what's right for YOU. 


By coming home to yourself like this, every single day can feel fulfilling and exciting.


So that instead of spending hours mindlessly scrolling social media, feeling bored and empty…


And spending yet another night binging Netflix, only to be tired and unmotivated (again!) the next day…


Or getting tripped up by other people's opinions of what you should do, causing you to fall into anxiety, doubt and confusion…


You can wake up every morning feeling motivated, energized, and proud of who you are.


As your coach, I’ll offer you the skills and strategies to create this meaningful life for yourself. You’ll come away from our time together certain of what you desire and what you want to do next.


And, you’ll have the courage, confidence, and self-trust to actually do it.

The fork in the road is a powerful place to be.

 Whether you're feeling stuck after graduation, in the unsatisfying job you are in, after parenthood or after retirement - the seasons of life keep changing and they can be full of confusion, self-doubt, and uncertainty.




We come to these junctions many times in our lives — and they can feel deeply overwhelming and difficult.

But with the right guidance and support, you can begin to see them for what they truly are: 


powerful opportunities to step into your wholeness, so you can move forward lit up with conviction, purpose, and joy.


Because buried underneath your anxiety and confusion is 

the power to trust yourself completely, 


And I’d love to help you uncover it!

Life is full of transitions
big scary bridge
question marks
on couch with wine
New way
mistake face
stressed on laptop
1% battery
back to work
new job
job loss
retirement up ahead
retirement blues
retirement plan

I have no idea what to do next?

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Blue Water

Here's what people are saying about our work together...

"Christianne is insightful, focused, growth-driven and positive.

She recognizes my strengths and directs her coaching to my personal style and preferences.

After a year of biweekly sessions, my favourite part of the coaching experience is always leaving with a sense of direction:  an attainable goal for the week(s) ahead.

What once seemed monumental, is broken down into smaller more manageable pieces. ​

I am now comfortable taking small steps towards an end point rather than worrying about reaching it.

I feel like I have an ally in life who is willing to walk alongside me."


-CJP, retired teacher

I'd love to connect.

Send me a message to set up your JUMPSTART session or inquire about my services

Phone Number: 1-604-308-6517 (PST)  /   Email:

Thanks for reaching out. I will get back to you with a response within the next 48 hours.

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