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Do you crave more confidence, more clarity & more EASE?

I can help!

Rise Up!  Expand! Become!
BE authentically YOU
at any stage in life!

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Hi there, I'm Christianne.

I'm a Transitions coach

I'm a Transitions coach

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As your life coach, I get to help you

figure out who you are,

who you want to be and

what kind of life you want to live.

You'll learn how to connect to yourself on a whole new level so that you know how to trust your own intuition to guide you forward.


And I'll teach you practical tools to handle life's stressful obstacles with a sense of humor and ease – because let's face it, we could all use a little more of that!

The goal? 

To feel self-assured, satisfied with where you're at, and excited about where you're headed.

So, how about we stop living on autopilot!


Let's step into your next chapter in life – one where you have the clarity, confidence, and ease to be the person you were always meant to be.

Are you ready to BE authentically  you ?!


I’m  so   glad you’re here!

Navigating in Woods

Feeling  like your inner compass is broken?


Like its arrow is spinning aimlessly, not directing you toward any specific direction?


Like you are constantly distracted and disconnected from what really matters.


Like the opinions of society, family, friends and social media all keep moving the needle off course?

Imagine what it could feel like if we finally ditched all those external"shoulds" and learned to

tune in to what's right - FOR YOU?

Consider my coaching the repair shop. 


I'll teach you practical tools and habits to connect with your inner guidance system,

so that you can understand the language of your body.


Finally, you'll know how to quiet the noise & listen to all that wisdom inside you.


You'll have awareness + choice so that you can make lasting

changes to the patterns that are holding your back.

You will be able to trust your right-brained intuition and you will know where to spend your energy and attention. 


You'll learn how to be more embodied, which means your internal values, thoughts and intentions will match your overall presence.


You will feel authentically YOU and your decisions will naturally come from a place of alignment and integrity.

With these new mind + body skills,

you will move out of the crossroads that has held you in place & you will

feel more confident, more clear & more at ease

as you move forward into your exciting next chapter.

Want to find out how?

Where can I send your FREE PDF resource?
21 ways to say NO  clearly & respectfully,
so you can say YES to what matters!

Making space for your personal growth starts HERE.

Contact me
Blue Water

Here's what people are saying about our work together...

"Christianne is insightful, focused, growth-driven and positive.

She recognizes my strengths and directs her coaching to my personal style and preferences.

After a year of biweekly sessions, my favourite part of the coaching experience is always leaving with a sense of direction:  an attainable goal for the week(s) ahead.

What once seemed monumental, is broken down into smaller more manageable pieces. ​

I am now comfortable taking small steps towards an end point rather than worrying about reaching it.

I feel like I have an ally in life who is willing to walk alongside me."


-CJP, retired teacher

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