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Get into the driver’s seat of your life

feeling confident, optimistic,
and free to be who you truly are.

I’ll be in the passenger seat, helping with the map,
cheering you on the entire way!

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My name is Christianne.

I’m a coach and guide while you discover what you want your life to look like. I help you learn how to understand and follow your inner compass so you feel satisfied with where you are, and excited about where you’re going.

It’s time to move into a new chapter of your life — one in which you have the clarity, confidence, and courage to move through life as the person you were meant to be. Ready?

I’m so glad you’re here!

The fork in the road

is a powerful place to be.


But seasons of change can often be full of confusion, self-doubt, and uncertainty.


Maybe you have to drag yourself to the office each day, and you’re unsure what line of work will fulfill you.


Or you’re nearing retirement, and the next season of life seems boring and foggy.


Perhaps you have a young one in the family who’s bouncing through the turbulence of discovering who they are.


Maybe you’ve recently graduated, and can’t decide what to do next.


Or you’ve recently divorced, moved to a new city, or become a step-parent for the first time. 


We come to these junctions like these many times in our lives — and they can feel deeply overwhelming and difficult.


But with the right guidance and support, you can begin to see them for what they truly are: 


powerful opportunities to step into who your wholeness, so you can move forward lit up with conviction, purpose, and joy.


Because buried underneath your anxiety and confusion is 

the power to trust yourself completely, 


And I’d love to help you uncover it!

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Navigating in Woods

It’s time to ditch the shoulds. 


Your parents, your friends, your partner, and our culture all have ideas and opinions about who you should be and what you should do.


But in order to find the freedom to live as who you truly are, and to move toward experiences that feel expansive and fulfilling for you, it’s necessary to put down the perspectives that aren’t yours, and instead listen to and follow your own inner guidance.


But feeling like your inner compass is broken?

Like its arrow is spinning aimlessly, not directing you toward any specific direction?


Consider my coaching the repair shop. 


Together, we’ll utilize real-life tools and habits, designed around your own innate gifts, to pick apart and put together what your unique guidance system looks and feels like — so that you can tap into it and create powerful momentum in your life.


So you can feel deeply satisfied and sparkling with excitement as you move beyond the crossroads you feel stuck at,


and free yourself into your exciting next chapter.


Book your FREE Jumpstart Session now!

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Lifting Families Up

  Helping children 10years+ and their families:

  • Develop a more positive mindset.

  • Cope with anxiety.

  • Gain self-confidence.

  • Become more resilient.

Launching Millennials

  • Uncover what makes you uniquely you.

  • Learn to trust yourself.

  • Learn how to make your strengths work for you.

  • Form new healthy habits to become the person you WANT to be.

  • Create a life that is true to you.

Sailing Through Life's Transitions 

  • Discover new direction and purpose.

  • Envision new possibilities.

  • Find new ways to use your unique strengths

  • Break down big dreams into manageable next steps

  • Embrace your new stage in life.

ICF Certified Professional Coach
B.A., B.Ed., C.O.C.
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