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Loosen the knot in your stomach:
Stress Better 
How to manage stress & anxiety in 5 easy steps?

Do you feel tense much of the time, perhaps getting set-off by small things you wish didn't bug you so much?


Maybe you feel stuck, but then get overwhelmed by doubt each time you consider making a change to your life?


Do your anxious thought-loops keep you up at night, perhaps replaying conversations or dreading the unknown of tomorrow?

Do these situations leave your chest feeling heavy, give you sweat-inducing flutters or tie your stomach into 100 knots?


Is this stress holding you back from doing the things you'd rather be doing?


Then it’s time to take your first step forward and learn how to "Loosen the Knot in your Stomach".


If you give yourself this gift of time, I guarantee that you will hang up from this call feeling more calm, grounded, and able to transfer this easy 5-step strategy to any trying situation you face.  


How it works?  

  • Complete a brief online questionnaire

  • Hop on the phone for a 45 minute call with me. 

  • Begin to notice & identify your own personal stress triggers.

  • Learn a fool-proof 5 minute “knot unraveling” tool to use in any situation.

  • Feel more clear-headed and grounded overall.





Personal transformation package: Move from knots in your stomach to butterflies of excitement in just 5 months

phase 1-  Dreams & Inspiration

Realize that there is lots that is already working well in your life and get clarity on what you want to have more of. Create a vision for the kind of person you want to be and life you want to live. 

phase 2- Strengths & self-worth

Discover what it is that makes you feel stronger, energized & fulfilled and learn how to develop & leverage those inner strengths.

phase 3- Wellness + the power of mindfulness

Learn to take control of your thoughts, actions & reactions (including the negative ones that whisper to you that 'You can't do it') so you can optimize your efficiency, emotions and well-being. 

phase 4- Planning forward

It's time to apply all of your new skills and resources, make a concrete plan for what you want and actually put it into action - YAY!!

phase 5- Reaping the rewards

The hardest work is done, now it's time to sustain the forward momentum while making time to celebrate all of your successes.

What you'll get:

  • 10 hours of  private coaching with me (by phone or video chat).

  • Typed 'recap reports' of session highlights for your records.

  • Unlimited ability to connect via text or email between sessions.

  • Ongoing enrichment activities, readings & resources to promote further growth.

  • A clear understanding of yourself, your values, your new direction.

  • An understanding of your Top 5 Strengths with a detailed report of how they present for you and how to develop them further.

  • Online support for making mindfulness a part of your daily routine. 

  • A customized plan of action with broken down, manageable steps to get you where you WANT to be.

  • More confidence in yourself to make decisions that are right for YOU.

  • A new and more fulfilling life.

From Knots to Butterflies

"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty."


- Maya Angelou